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Address: 100 Stone Oak Boulevard Holland, OH 43528
Main Clubhouse: 419-867-8400
Golf Shop: 419-867-9105

Clubhouse Rules

We are an ADA-accessible building with a lift installed to reach the upper floor. If you need to use the lift, please pull forward to the south side of the main portico. There is a covered walkway that will lead to the entrance closest to the lift. If you need any additional accommodations, our staff would be happy to help, please call 419-867-8400.
Pull your vehicle to the double doors on the side of the Cart Barn, our staff will be available to help unload your clubs before parking.
We are a cashless facility. All purchases must be put on a Member’s account or paid by credit card.
Use of cellular telephones in the Clubhouse dining areas is prohibited. Calls should be confined to the hallways and within the men’s and ladies’ locker rooms.
Use of cellular telephones on the golf course is not prohibited, but the Club encourages Members to limit their use to only necessary business or family matters and to maintain the telephone on silent mode while on Club property.
Cell phones are permitted in the Fitness Facility for texting and internet uses only. Members are not permitted to take a phone call in the gym or Group Exercise class. Members may place calls in the Fitness Center hallway only.
Pace of Play: Keep play moving, if players are repeatedly waiting behind you and there is an open hole in front, allow them to go through. A normal round for a foursome should average 14 minutes per hole (4 hours and 12 minutes total)
Restrooms: Restrooms can be found in the Main Clubhouse, at the 6th Tee, at the 10th Tee Halfway House, and at the 13th Tee. Relieving oneself on the course, in a location other than the above list will result in expulsion from the course.
Carts & Cart Paths: Keep carts at least 30 yards from all greens. Drive the cart to the cart path beside the green before putting. Drive the cart to the next tee before recording scores. On par 3 holes, keep carts on the cart path. Avoid driving on wet turf.
Dress denim is permissible within the Clubhouse, but must be in good condition, without holes, rips or frays. Denim is strictly prohibited on the Golf Course and driving range.
Men’s Dress Policy: Slacks, golf shorts and collared shirts, turtle necks and mock neck shirts are standard dress on Club grounds. We ask that shirts be tucked into slacks or golf shorts at all times. T-shirts, cargo shorts and warm up suits are not acceptable dress, unless otherwise noted. Denim is strictly prohibited on the golf course or driving range.
Ladies Dress Policy: Slacks, golf shorts, capris, skirts or skorts, golf shirts, sleeveless blouses of proper length, turtle neck and mock neck shirts are standard required dress on Club grounds. Tube tops, tank tops, midriff attire, t-shirts, short shorts, cut-offs, cargo shorts or pants and warm up suits are not acceptable dress, unless otherwise noted. Denim is strictly prohibited on the golf course or driving range.
Only proper fitness attire such as exercise outfits, sweat suits, shirts, shorts, tank tops, slacks and athletic footwear shall be worn in the Fitness Center. No swim wear is allowed, and shoes and shirts are required.
Men may only wear hats indoors within the confines of the Turnberry Tavern, golf shop, fitness facility and locker rooms. They are not permitted in the Grill for lunch or dinner service. Members will be asked to remove their hats if they are seated in the upstairs dining areas.
Hats should be worn with the bill facing forward.
Woman are permitted to wear a visor or hat if it completes an ensemble.
Our annual Independence Day Celebration is held every year on July 3rd.